Sunday, October 21, 2007

wardija hill

I was feeling a tad lonely today and just was not really working on Monday's lecture. So, I said it was time to go for a ramble. Even since I moved to St. Paul's Bay I've looked at Wardija Hill from my reading chair in the living room. It fill us the sliding glass door to one of hte balconies. Today is cooler, breezy, and just plain nice, so I set out to climb the hill. I went straight up over the rocks, but took a much more sedate and longer route down. It was worth it!, though I did find myself trying to recall if there were poisonous snakes on the island as I scrambled up the rocks. The top photo is "the goal". Others are on the way up. Another set of photos (Wardija II) are from the top. On the way up I found a perfect fossil clam. I doubt I'd be allowed to take it home, but it would be interesting with my Lake Superior rocks.

I think all the walking and stair climbing of the past five weeks may be doing me some good. I did not even get out of breath going up or down the hill.

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