Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas from Lake Superior

After days of snow, we had a sunny, cold Christmas day. So, I went out for my first cross-country ski of the season. I didn't last very long, but it was pretty and good to be out. I hope my Maltese friends (and anyone else!) will enjoy the photos. The water you see in the distance is Lake Superior. I'm at McLain State Park, my favorite place of walk or ski year 'round.

The two main ways to take a walk in the woods during the winter are found in the picture of my ski tracks crossing those of a snow-shoe enthusiast.

View of my ski tips--I was cutting my own path for the most part. It's a silly photo.

The rest are just snow scenes.

It was 5F (-15C), and so I was not too inclined to get my hands out of my gloves to take photos. I like to ski when it is warmer, like 18-22F (-8C).

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec in Malta and at Tech

I'm happy to be home in Michigan, but I thought you all might like the photo contrast of Malta and Home!

Dr. Rod Chimner visits Malta

As I mentioned in the previous post, the Dean of Tech's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences (SFRES), sent Dr. Rod Chimner to visit Malta. She and the Rector had discussed the possibility that there might be some research/teaching collaboration on the topic of restoration ecology. Dr. Chimner is our professor in this (and there are many more in SFRES with expertise in this area, but Chimner is the kind who can put the whole picture together). Here's the "official" photo of Chimner giving some information on SFRES and a small gift to Dr. Louis Cassar, the Director of the University of Malta's International Environment Institute.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back in Malta!

I'm back in Malta this week and have brought along a collegue, Rod Chimner, from Michigan Tech's School of Forest Resources and Environmental Sciences (SFRES). Rod is a restoration ecologist and is evaluating potential research or educational collaboration with the University of Malta. Dr. Louis Cassar is working with Rod--in fact they are headed out to look at bits of ecosystems over in Gozo.

I'm here to coordinate and discuss the International Masters Programme project. We've had very good meetings and all seems to be coming along well. Classes will begin in Sustainable Resource and Environmental Management and in Integrated Marketing and Communications this coming Sept. [There are still openings for the degree cohort starting this September--both international and Maltese students are welcome!] Check it out:

It is so nice to be back, see my friends, and enjoy the lovely weather of the last few days. Back home at Tech, they had a blizzard followed by quite cold weather. Rod and I, in contrast, got to sip expresso outside in the sunshine. Of course, when I get home to Tech, I'll get to ski and that is wonderful fun and the landscape very pretty. I love how the snow spreads away from the ski like whipped cream and the shades of violet, green, and often pinky colors of the woods, water, and sky.