Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Arrival of winter in Houghton

I thought I'd chronicle the arrival of winter here--how it changes over time.

One photo is from the middle of the summer, then there are a few from two days ago and two from today. We are just starting to get a bit of snow. If it keeps up, I'll go cross-country skiing later this week. It's not very cold (I know, that sounds strange, because it is already lower than Malta's record low just to snow). In fact, we don't get cold in the sense of the Dakotas or Minnesota. Too cold and it doesn't much snow.

I need to go shovel this white stuff. Good exercise, especially now that I don't walk a dog everyday.

Parade of Nations

Every Fall my community has a Parade of Nations. In this, students and faculty and others carry the flag of their home country (if they come from somewhere else) or the flag of the country their family originally came from. In my case, I decided to carry the Maltese flag in honor of my wonderful experience in Malta. Here is a photo. I don't have any of me actually walking, however, for obvious reasons.