Sunday, May 16, 2010

International radio personality

I had great fun on a radio show Dr. Carmen Sammut's show on Sat. morning. I was on the radio back home to discuss the presidential inauguration. So, now that I've done radio in Malta that officially makes me an international radio personality. Right?

Flora and one fauna (faunum?)

There was a bit of rain recently and it brought out the snails, which Malta seems to have in great numbers. They have adapted remarkable methods of surviving heat and dry. I've also included some flowering plants. I think the blue tree is a jacaranda, but I'd welcome correction is that is wrong. Then comes a bush(?) that looks like it might be a poinsettia, but I don't know. If I ever did move to Malta or a dry place, I think I could warm to succulents. One of the photos is of a succulent in flower.

Domus Romana in Malta

Malta was long a part of the Roman Empire/Byzantine empire (Eastern Rome). They don't do much to highlight that heritage, but the Domus Romana in Rabat, right near Mdina, is one spot where that heritage is clear. When the new US embassy is finished, it will also have a Roman conservation, as a Roman villa was found. Anyway, a couple of the mosaic floors and a jumble of what was the house. Much of it was destroyed decades ago for a road. The town was called Melita and the term for things Maltese is Melitensa.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

More chickens

I like chickens. Don't want to raise them, but I like to look at them. Indeed, I was relieved to learn that the rooster that was out in the field last year is now missing. Peace and quiet.

Chickens and rabbit show at San Anton gardens

Lovely day here. Also, it's Mother's day here as well as in the US. Visited a nearby garden and there was a rabbit/poultry/pigeon show. Not quite like a US country fair, but very well attended. Photos: a topiary horse, Not sure what the rabbit is, but he reminded me of the Velveteen Rabbit. The two chickens are a Siebert(?) Chamois and a Black Maltese.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lake Michigamme photos-UP of Michigan

I took a drive to Marquette, Michigan, the largest town in my area (two hour drive, one way to get to a place with 25,000 people). Along the way one passes a very pretty small lake, Lake Michigamme. Michigan has two parts to it: The Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula (called the UP). Natives of the UP and, I suppose, adoptees like me are called Yoopers. There is friendly teasing between the two parts. Yoopers call those in the lower Peninsula "Trolls" because they live under the bridge that links the two regions.

Anyway, two photos.