Monday, October 1, 2007

Inquisitor's Palace

Zoe and her sister, Doris, took me out sightseeing today. We went to the Inquisitor's Palace, the Maritime Museum, on a water taxi, and to the St. John's co-Cathedral in Valletta. According to our guide (a former student of Paul's in Anthropology, who I met at a party last week), the Inquisition in Malta was not like the one in Spain. In two hundred years, only 4 people were executed (a better record than for the State of Texas!). But there were cells. Still, it was interesting to see the place, which the Maltese hope to turn into a museum about religion on the Island. I was interested to learn how some English Quakers were held in the palace in the 1700s for three years before being released. Photos are from the garden.

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