Thursday, October 11, 2007

Teaching was fun

I had my first day of teaching in two classes: Theories of International Relations (a first year course) and US Foreign Policy (2nd adn 3rd years). The theories class was very lively indeed and just plain fun. The students in AFP were a little reluctant to participate at first, but did so and did well. Clearly they have learned quite a bit from their first year classes. My IMLI students are all lawyers and practicing either private or public maritime law and quite a fascinating group. I think all three sets of students will keep me on my toes...and in a few weeks I'll pick up some 3rd year Intl Law students. I've been away from teaching for a while and wasn't sure how I'd do. But, all looks pretty good so far. I'm going to learn so much from them.

IMLI took some pictures, so they will appear eventually, though pictures of teaching are odd things.


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