Sunday, October 28, 2007

Calypso's cave, Dwejra, taxi

On a better day, I'll return to the area of Calypso's cave...the one in the Odyssey. You can climb down into it..but as the top photos shows, it is not easy. The beach below is a red sand. Then come a couple of photos from my boat ride at Dwejra. Unfortunately, my camera battery died. The Azure window (not shown) is very blue. In fact the whole look of the water is blue, and that despite the overcast, grey day. Worth a special trip. The last photo is of Mr. Gregory Spiteri and his cab. I met him on my first trip and found him congenial and his car comfortable. So, I hired him to drive me around for my tour. He was very good at it. If you want to call him, his mobile is: (356) 99440353.

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