Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lunch at the US Ambassador's Residence

The US Embassy helps new Fulbrights meet people by hosting a lunch in their honor. Mine was this past Wed and quite lovely.
US Ambassador to Malta, Molly Bordonaro hosted it at the Ambassador's Residence. I met people from both political parties, the university and the Embassy. Mrs. Bordonaro was active in President Bush's election campaign, thus she is what we would call a political appointee. Fortunately for the United States and for Malta, she is doing a wonderful job. I have had people simply bring her up in conversation, because they are so impressed with her. "She is the best US Ambassador we've had in many, many years" is the sort of thing I've heard. I can see why. She is young, energetic, diplomatic and savvy. Here is the photo of the two of us.


Marcia said...

So, Mary, what do they serve at Embassy lunches?

anne said...

Ah! I've found you! It looks as though you are adapting well to the non-Houghton climate.

Deb Charlesworth said...

It's so nice to read about your adventure in Malta! I had lunch today with some visitors from Norway, which is the biggest adventure I'll probably have for a while. Things are good in the UP, and it's nice to see some photos of you and read your reflections.