Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gozo Opera Trip 1

Gozo is a nearby island and is part of the country of Malta (though quite distinctive--more rural, different dialect. It's sort of like UP v downstate in Michigan, only more so. They have a tradition of opera on Gozo and Sat. night they put on Verdi's La Forza del Destino. It is not one of his best, but I knew that when I decided to go. The Serena Hotel had a special package deal: room, tickets, dinner, and breakfast. I had a nice time...though the opera did not finish until 12:30 and all of us were a tad annoyed with that. We finished our dinners by 2:45 a.m, but managed to be talkative at dinner anyway. A huge thunderstorm came up and knocked out electricity at 2, but the hotel generators worked fine.

The hotel is in Xlendi (Shlendi (or something like that). It was a fishing village and still is, but tourism is growing.

I caught the bus to the ferry and hopped the ferry, found a cab driver (who I liked); ditto back home. I enjoyed the unusual scenery and found the room very comfortable.

Photos of the ferry, room, view and opera house.

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Anonymous said...

dear mary thanks for taking me a photo at the aurora opera house :)
hope you enjoyed the opera.