Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Dun Karm Scerri Naxxar Primary School

In February I went to the Dun Karm Scerri Naxxar Primary School to read a book to 10 year olds. People from the US Embassy asked if I would do this (the person scheduled was ill), and I said "sure." The US gave the school a number of books about the US. I chose to read from one about a Native American from the Lake Superior region. I showed the children pictures from home and then read. I apparently do a hilarious imitation of bear cubs--who knew?

The children had lots of questions about animals, what happened to Native Americans, the weather and so forth. I tried to explain that there are many, many different tribes in the US, each with its own culture.

Due to privacy rules, I am not supposed to show the faces of the children unless there is permission from the parents (which I had on my photos from Carnival). So, the photos are of me and of my presenting the books to the school principal, Mr. Mario Azzopardi.

I had a great time and would do it again!

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