Saturday, March 15, 2008

Walk along Mellieha Bay 1

The Malta Geographical Society had a walk today along Mellieha Bay. It was a perfect day, light breeze, 19-21 C (upper 60s low 70s F), sunshine. Just great, glad to be alive weather. A new wildflowers are coming out, so I have some photos of those in Mellieha 2, along with the bay. I like how the waters have multiple shades of blue. The town in the first picture is Mellieha itself. I sincerely wish I'd gotten a better picture of the mimosa trees that are in bloom, you can see the yellow flower a bit in the view of the town of Mellieha. The reddish flowers in the foreground of the sea view seem to be clover or some kind of vetch. I'm still not sure what the yellow flowers are; the leaves look a bit like marigolds.

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Anonymous said...

Good photos. Malta Beaches are great !