Monday, March 10, 2008

cliffhanger election

By one seat, the Nationalist Party won re-election. CORRECTION. The Nationalists won the most votes, Labour the most seats. By Malta's constitutional rules the Nationalists are given extra seats so that they can govern as a majority government (4 extra seats). It went on well into Sunday night. Only 1200-1500 votes separated the two parties, apparently.

I'm expecting shuffles in the cabinet. UPDATE 2: This happened, both because past cabinet officers were not elected to parliament and general restructuring. There's speculation the leader of Labour might end up being sacked by his party. UPDATE: Sant, the leader of Labour, resigned as leader, but will remain in parliament.

Other than a few firecrackers late last night, I have not seen or heard anything unusual. Maybe when the dog and I go out, I'll see something. UPDATE: Still pretty quiet. I walked into the next town and it was livelier. There was a band playing and lots of people wearing blue (the color of the Nationalists). I think everyone has a flag of their party to wave from cars. Prior to the election I'd see red Labour flags and the blue ones. Today is all blue. I was talking with someone at the embassy and she said is LOUD and very crowded where she is.

The day was spectacular, too. Sunny, blue skies and blue sea. Just a great day for a walk. I suppose my friends from the Labour side are not too happy today no matter how lovely the day was.

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