Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Greece 2

Here are photos of the island I had to see in pursuit of my Thucydides "hobby." I didn't charter a boat to go over, but I did get a better sense of its geography and location relative to the water and mainland shore. We stayed at Thanos Village (lovely place, inexpensive--little villas with great views) in Gialova. I believe Gialova is closer to the Pylos of ancient times than the current town. This area was also the site of the naval Battle of Navarino where the British Navy wiped out a large chunk of the Turkish fleet and killed 8,000 Turkish sailors in the process. Given the natural beauty and calmness of the place now, it was hard to imagine the triremes of the Greeks swarming around Sfakteria or the British and Ottoman ships of the line pounding away at each other.

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