Thursday, February 7, 2008

Above and beyond the call Maltese kindness

Today I set out to walk a few kilometers to the Coastline hotel for a Climate Change conference (more eventually). I had looked at the hotel website for a sense of where it was and decided I had been there. I thought it was on the St. Paul's side on the shore. But as I rounded the corner to where I expected to see it, I realized I was wrong. I walked some more and then realized that I was really wrong. It was across another arm of the bay. I was not going to make it on time, there are no taxis just roaming around, I didn't feel like calling my usual one and paying a large amount. So, I started to walk again. I said to myself, "I wish there were a ferry or something." A few minutes later I saw some fishermen with a boat. I got up my nerve and called out to them. "Would you give me a ride to the Coastline hotel? I made a mistake and will be late to a meeting." They were surprised at the request by some crazy American lady but waved me to come down. I do not have much "boat" experience and I was semi dressed up. But with help from two of them and my own efforts I got in. Zip, off we went. The guy at the tiller apologized for the water everywhere, "We just pulled in our nets." Moments later I was by a ladder to get up to the hotel. I only managed to get a quick photo of my knight in shining armor. I didn't get his name or those of his fellow fishermen. I will have to go find them again to thank them once more.

The photo at least has the name of the boat showing--so Maltese readers, if you know this man or the men who work from this boat...let them know of this blog post. THANK YOU--I made it in great time and told everyone of your kindness to a stranger.

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