Saturday, April 5, 2008


My husband and I also visited Florence on our trip to Italy. Too bad both of us had been hit with some sort of intestinal bug. I slept my first day in Florence. STILL...we managed to see some of what we originally planned, like the Uffizi art museum. Our hotel room had a view of the bell tower and the Duomo, so we were in a great location. We took a look at Dante's church and his house. Very recently I finally got around to reading the Inferno (OK, so my liberal education back when was not so liberal)--picked it up in an airport. It grabbed me, even after all these centuries. I'm not sure I'd like the other two books as well, but I will read them eventually. We also walked over to the Boboli Gardens and had the requisite picture taken of us on the Ponte Vecchio looking out over the Arno.


--------- said...

Great pictures. thanks.

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Mary said...

Gracias. Me gusta su fotografia!