Sunday, April 6, 2008

Alternate walk with dog 1

Last fall I put up pictures of my usual walk along the sea that I take with my foster dog. We also go up a hill sometimes, so I thought I provide some photos of that. I did not take the dog on this particular walk--he is still a handful on walks, never having been taught to walk on a leash. He's doing better after all these months, but I never know when he'll be feeling his oats, so to speak. But, I do enjoy it, and he seems to as well.

The land is not quite a green as it was. The rains are tapering off. It is supposed to get into the 80s (F) this week (mid to upper 20 (C)). Still, the island is a marvel of flowers. It's like getting giant bouquets as you walk. I know my Houghton readers like seeing the wildflowers (and yours are going to start really soon--I saw that warm weather of last week on the Tech webcams!).

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