Sunday, January 27, 2008

My university in Michigan

I'm still figuring out how to scan in some copies of photos from back home in Michigan, so that my Maltese readers can see where I live. In the meantime, folks might find it fun to go look at the Michigan Tech website, especially the webcams of campus and the area.

go to
On the left you'll see some options, at the bottom you'll see webcams. Click that and wander around.

Every winter, Tech has Winter Carnival, which is not actually related to Carnival in the sense of pre-Lent. You'll see some of this via the webcams. But below is a link to our 2006 Winter Carnival, where we broke three world records (and have since lost the most snow angels one to the state of N. Dakota). I participated in the snow angels and in the world's largest snowball fight. It was just so fun--the whole community showed up, kids, grandparents, Tech students, faculty, staff, administrators. It was conceived by a first year student at Tech, who worked with lots of others to make it happen. [Our Tech students can do almost anything, I think.] It meant something to us. Even today you can sometimes see the numbers each of us was given to prove to Guinness how many people there were in the events posted on porches or in offices.

Anyway, here is the 2006 review of Winter Carnival:

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