Friday, January 11, 2008

More Mandranovo Photos

On Christmas Eve our hosts had an excellent dinner and the traditional passata (not sure of that spelling), a cake made from ricotta. They, their sons, their friends and the two of us were all at the table together. It was so pleasant. Then, to our complete surprise, we moved into the living room with the tree and there was the opening of presents. Unlike American extravaganzas, each person got one present from each other person. They even gave us something though we couldn't reciprocate--at least then, eventually we will. I have a Mandranova apron and Don got a detective story set in Agrigento. We've both read the novel now. Anyway, it will be one of our most memorable Christmases. I think most of the interior pictures are on Don's camera, so these are outside, with one of Giuseppe, our host. They have some friendly dogs, too.

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