Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas in Sicily

My husband, Don, came over to Malta for Christmas. We had a great time visiting spots in Malta and visiting Sicily over Christmas. Don and I had enjoyed a visit to Bologna, Italy while on a Society for Industrial Archeology study tour, so we were excited to see what Sicily was like. We were not disappointed by this part of Italy. Amazing. Go.

We decided to stay at the Mandranova Farmhouse, about 30 km from Agrigento. Our host/owners were Sylvia and Guiseppi--and their two college sons and a pair of their friends. They have created a wonderful spot for sojourners to Sicily. Sylvia refuses to call herself a chef--she says she's a cook--but her oh my. I think we will be hard pressed to find better food in all of Italy. So, here are some pictures of the farmhouse and views from the large front terrace and one of the two of us at dinner. The Mandranova is a working olive farm. [They also have award-winning olive oils!]. Yes, we had rain, but nicer weather followed.


Timestep said...

Sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to visit Sicily. I believe we still have some distant family located there (A large percentage of my genetics come from Sicily).

Sounds wonderful. So glad Don got to spend Christmas with you.

Mary said...

Go. I'm going to return before I leave Malta. Just loved it. The dollar isn't doing well relative to the Euro, but that won't last forever.