Monday, April 25, 2011

Returning to Malta

I'll be back in Malta for a few weeks at the end of May. I'm delighted.


Anonymous said...

I am trying to find out if renting an apartment specifically on the highest floor in St. Paul's Bay Malta - so we can sunrise really well is worth it. When you saw sunrise in St. Paul's did you wish you were at a higher level?

Mary said...

I was rarely awake to see it. My main advice is to make sure you have a roof to go to to see the sky. My apartment was just below the highway, so I was up on a hill already. I had seaviews to one side and nice country view the other way. I just had lunch with the person I sublet the apartment from and he says his seaview is slowly being lost as people add more stories to buildings. I love the sea views, but I also loved the country view, especially when it was green from Nov-April. I just loved the winter/spring sky--wild cloud formations. In the hot season the sky got a lot less interesting as did the sea. I've never been here between July 5 and Sept 10, the peak of the heat.