Sunday, June 8, 2008

Taormina, Sicily

Goodness. If you've never been to Taormina, add the place to your life list of places you want to see. Josephine and I had a relaxing, happy, and beautiful time here. I hope to get back someday with my husband (and we will add Cefalu, which I have heard is a must see). It's hard to explain. Just a lovely town, even with the shops and many tourists like ourselves. The views of the sea and of Mt. Etna--though the weather was not quite cooperative in that we only saw the smoking top of Etna fleetingly--are lovely. We found Osteria di Rita and loved the food, the house wine in little pitchers, and the friendliness. We went out in the evening to look down at the bay and at Giardinia-Naxos and one of the local restaurants had a small group playing accordion, mandoline, tamborine and traditional songs.

The photo with the pool was the place we stayed, Hotel Belvedere, good service and nice breakfast. The other pictures, except the church, are taken from the public gardens.


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oldartlover said...

BELLA VITA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DA

Mary said...

Very pretty life, indeed.

Astrid Vella said...

Dear Mary,

Nice as Cefalu is, it doesn't compare to Taormina which is unique. Next time try Erice on the far Western point of Sicily;it's different enough that one doesn't compare it to Taormina.

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