Monday, June 30, 2008

Malta Women in Business Association

In April I was asked to be one of the guest speakers at an annual event of the Malta Women in Business Association. My task was to talk about life experiences--an inspirational talk. I did my best and very much enjoyed the meeting. US Ambassador Molly Bordonaro gave a talk on balancing work and life (she has young children!). Mariana Mizzi talked on where women are now in Malta and changes needed. Doris Sammut is president and led the panel and Anna Ferris is also an officer of the association. Ruth Genovese, from the Bank of Valletta, talked about wealth management.

Here's the whole panel, except for Anna Ferris.
Mizzi, Ambassador Bordonaro, and me
Mizzi talking, the rest of us listening
Then two of me talking.


Anonymous said...

will you be speaking at another women business conference?

Mary said...

I just noticed this comment.

I should be in Malta again in mid May. If the Association has a meeting, I'd be glad to come.