Thursday, December 13, 2007

Malta is rabies free

Due to an unfortunate encounter with the neighbor dog, I learned that Malta is free of rabies. Good to know.  I may  have a permanent memento of my visit to Malta.  It can go with the dent on the finger next to it that I got when I banged myself on a door while carrying a box to mail to  Malta.

BUT... it does mean that Malta has extensive regulations for anyone wanting to bring a dog to the island. So, potential visitors out there, check well in advance of your visit if you hope to bring your dog.

And, while dealing with my bleeding finger, my dog got so excited by the delivery man that he forgot himself and peed in the house. I cleaned that up with my good hand.  He is now in the other room looking contrite. Smile.  

I do believe that I will remain a cat person. 



Anonymous said...

glad to hear that malta is rabies free as my daughter was bitten by a wild cat a moment least now i know so that i dont have to pay any vets fees and the islands cats are safe.kath

bath mateUS. said...

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