Friday, September 21, 2007

New Apartment--views from roof

Today I went with Stef and looked at my two great choices for an apartment. One, in Naxxar, is in a rather posh neighborhood and quite a nice, sleek apartment. The other is in St. Paul's Bay and is rather more bohemian and comes with a dog (and cows next door). It has good views of the sea and is three blocks walk to the sea. It was nice to have two such choices.

I chose St. Paul's Bay. The town is less purely residential than Naxxar and, yes, the sea mattered to me. Last winter, I would look at pictures of apartments in Malta and daydream about one with a view and a quick walk to the sea. I didn't really expect to get the view or walk, but I have. The pictures are from the roof of the apartment, but I can see the sea and hill from the rooms in the apartment. I'm delighted and will also soon learn whether I can become a dog person as well as a cat person [Hercules, the cat, lives in the flat on the first floor of the building.] I move in tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dr. Durfee,

Sounds like you're having a great time already. The view is beautiful, and it seems like Malta will be a really amazing place for you.

It's 9am in Houghton right now, and it's storming, actually--light rain with a bunch of thunder and lightning. Thirty mph winds are expected tonight, accompanied by up to 65 mph gusts!

You're very lucky to have any weather but Houghton's weather. =)

Keep us updated on your trip!
-Steve O.
Founders Class

Mary said...


thanks for the note. It is hot and humid on many days--but people say it is much worse in July and Aug. Yesterda, we had a teensy bit of rain, but with marvelous clouds.

Well, it's getting late and the poor dog needs his walk, our having played tug-of-war already.