Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Michigan Tech Husky Pep Band

Malta has its band clubs. The U.S. has marching bands in the high schools and in universities (and various community bands). Usually the marching bands have colorful but semi-military uniforms. They march in orderly lines. At school sporting events, they play songs and march into different formations. Ohio State University marching band is famous for its "script Ohio" where they spell out Ohio in cursive writing. A Sousaphone player is the dot over the "i." Well, Michigan Tech has a different concept (maybe it's because once upon a time nearly 100% of the students were studying engineering and they needed a break from all that rigor). Anyway, here they are at the Parade of Nations. Tech also has a Wind Symphony, Jazz groups and other musical options for our students. In fact, about 80% of all Michigan Tech students participate in the Fine and Performing Arts.

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Summer said...

Last fall, when they came down for a Grand Valley vs. Tech football game, my boss came back to the office completely impressed by the their beer-pitcher formation. I love Tech! ;)

I didn't know the stat was 80%! That's really awesome.