Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Budpest 4: Danube flooding

All the rain for the last month in the North (and in Budapest) have caused the Danube to rise. My friend and I were going to go on a cruise of the River, but no boats were allowed out.


audreyonthego said...

We are scheduled to depart, by riverboat, Budapest and onto Prague on July 19. Are they transporting you by motorcoach because of the high waters?

Mary said...

Oh, the flooding was just starting to go down on the day I left. You could still travel all around through other means. I'm virtually sure your plans won't be interrupted come July. ENJOY, your trip. I sure did. I want to go back. Personally, I liked it better than Vienna. Haven't been to Prague yet, which I've heard is very crowded, but a "jewel box" of a city. I hope to get to Prague soon.