Monday, August 24, 2009

Fall semester begins

Today is the start of orientation at Michigan Tech. I've taken on advising most of our majors in Social Sciences. We have a "meet the department" event this morning. Classes begin on Aug. 31. I have a first year seminar (required of all Tech students in what we call General Education). It's with our Honors students and my topic is Thucydides. Then there's US Foreign Policy. I also have two one-hour courses: Orientation to the Social Sciences for the new students and Senior Assessment for those who expect to graduate in the coming academic year. [Assessment in the US is not related to getting a grade, but rather to seeing what they have learned in general and getting them help in job/grad school hunting, and making sure they have completed all their requirements to graduate.

Two Tech students are trying for major scholarships (Rhodes and Marshall), so I'll be seeing them this week, too!

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