Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Farmhouse at Malta

I was back in Malta recently. The university puts me up at the University Residence, which is filled with students from all around the world. It has a nice community--I saw students leaving at the end of the exams and they were sent off by 15 other students. Lots of hugs and even tears at the goodbye.

Normally I stay in the main residence, but this time I was put in the "Farmhouse." It's about 200 years old, lacks internet and air conditioning, but has charm and great views. It's pretty minimalist, but I came to really like it. It is a lot quieter without all the students, which is good for someone my age. I'd come to the lobby of the Residence for internet and the fans were fine, at least when I was there, to keep me cool. There's a small pool (not the larger one of the main Residence).

Some of the farmhouse has regular, year-round residents. One family has small children and they put up the cutest little tree house.

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