Friday, May 30, 2008

Fulbrights and Palestinians

I was very sorry to read in the news today that Fulbright withdrew scholarships to a handful of Palestinians in the Gaza. Apparently Israel was not going to let them out, and Fulbright decided to use the money for other deserving students. What's not clear is whether Fulbright really tried to get them out--reports from Israel are conflicting. I don't entirely understand why Fulbright couldn't wait another month to push things.

I've learned so much from my Fulbright. I will have a love of Malta until my dying day. I am a better person because of this experience, a more understanding, more confident, more humane, and moderate person. If I had my way, every human being on the planet would get an experience like mine if they liked.

I wish Fulbright had tried harder.


Anonymous said...

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Mary said...

Thank you. Um, is there a way to remove the official Fulbright logo from the nomination? I was writing as an individual who happens to be a Fulbright and not as an official of Fulbright. I imagine they might object.

Anonymous said...

Of course. Do you have any photo of yourself?

And what is your surnem please?

Anonymous said...


Thank you.

Mary said...

Well, I've been all over the place in Malta... My name is Mary Durfee

Thanks for understanding and thank you again for valuing my opinion enough to nominate the posting.